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Comparison Between Weight Bearing CT Semi-Automatic and Manual Measurements in Hallux Valgus

Key Points Semi-automatic measurements made on WBCT scans are reproducible and comparable to measurements performed manually. Software designed for WBCT help differentiate pathological from non-pathological conditions. Semi-automatic software tools can help orthopedic surgeons obtain more accurate diagnosis with WBCT and…

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An Inside Look at CubeVue Autometrics

CubeVue Autometrics uses artificial intelligence to identify each individual bone and automatically calculates key biometrics of the foot. CubeVue Autometrics is investigational only and is not available for sale in the United States. CubeVue Autometrics will be powered by the…

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CurveBeam Announces Development of CurveBeam Cloud

CurveBeam announced it has begun development on CurveBeam Cloud, a web-based platform that will simplify DICOM dataset storage and transport. CurveBeam Cloud will provide HIPAA-compliant, secure cloud storage and transfer of CurveBeam extremity CT datasets from any of the FDA…

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