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Instant X-Rays for Busy Practices

SimX is a CubeVue feature that produces Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs’ (DRR). DRRs are synthesized X-Ray views, digitally created from the original CT scan.

Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs (DRR) gives you all of your standard X-Ray views with one mouse click.

When used in place of standard radiograph exams, DRR saves a significant amount of operator time, resulting in faster throughput for busy practices.

Patient positioning and X-Ray tube adjustment make up the majority of a radiographic exam.  With DRR, all views are created from the original 30-second CTscan; no patient repositioning is required.

In one study, LineUp saved a hospital 800+ hours of imaging time in one year.*

*Pedcat For 3d-Imaging in Standing Position Allows For More Accurate Bone Position (angle) Measuremant Than Radiographs or CT. Richter, M. Seidl, B. Zech, S. Hahn, S.


The forefoot has been "cropped" off the volume to facilitate an unobstructed view of the ankle joint, including the talas & calcaneous.


A Better X-Ray

  • Accurate anatomic sizes and angles – no magnification nor distortion
  • No patient/ X-Ray source position inaccuracies.
  • Consistent, reproducible views for more accurate comparisons between pre and post-treatment exams.

Save Time

  • Unlimited automatic views with one click
    • Multiple oblique angles
    • Specialized unobstructed views with subtracted anatomy
  • Save X-Ray views to any desired location or send to a PACS server.
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