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To receive updates about the HiRise please click here and fill out our brief form. Bilateral, Weight-Bearing CT imaging of the hip, knee and lower extremities with non-weight bearing capabilities for the upper extremities.


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“I request very few ordinary X-Rays now, since the Cone Beam CT replaces what I used to get only with BOTH weight bearing XR and CT scans.”

Mr. Matthew Solan
Richter (1)

“The weight bearing CT changed my daily practice. In former times we did standard X-Rays with weight bearing first and then if we were interested in 3D imaging, we sent the patient to CT. This could take days or even weeks. Now, I have everything together in one minute.”

Dr. Martinus Richter, MD

“True deformity analysis should be performed in the patient’s normal stance position, not in artificial constructs.”

Dr. Robert Weinstein, DPM

Low Dose

Most HiRise protocols deliver an effective dose below the amount of radiation the average person in the U.S. is exposed to from naturally occurring “background” sources, such as cosmic radiation from outer space.

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