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CurveBeam AI Cast Episode Preview: Dr Netto shares research project

The first CurveBeam AI Cast episode guest hosted by Dr. Lew Schon.MD, drops on and all podcast platforms on April 27. He interviews Dr. Cesar de Cesar Netto, MD, PhD, on his focus on WBCT imaging in his research and clinical practice. The reminisce how Dr. De Netto was introduced to WBCT imaging as a fellow of Dr. Schon’s.

Click here to read about a research project in which Dr. de Netto’s team combined WBCT imaging with coverage mapping and distance mapping to better understand bone positioning in patients with progressive collapsing foot deformity (PCFD).

Click here to read about another study from Dr. de Netto’s team that found WBCT may be amore accurate tool than X-Ray to measure progression of flat foot in patients.

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