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Watch Webinar: CurveBeam Academy Presents Stanmore Syndesmosis Series

Date: December 16, 2021

Time: 7:30 GMT / 1:30 EST

Location: Online, Virtual

Venue: Webinar

CurveBeam Academy is proud to have presented the Stanmore Syndesmosis Series, featuring a team of consultant orthopedic foot & ankle surgeons at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) in Stanmore, United Kingdom.

The Stanmore Syndesmosis Series opened with a presentation by Mr. Matthew Welck, who discussed how RNOH – Stanmore foot & ankle surgeons utilize weight bearing CT.

To watch the CurveBeam Academy webinar, please click here.

syndesmosis nwb vs wb
Side by side comparison of measurements taken on non-weight bearing (A) and weight bearing(B) CT scans.

This team won the Foot and Ankle Surgery journal’s 2019 Best Paper Award at the recent European Foot & Ankle Surgery Virtual Congress for a research paper titled, “The Effects of Weight Bearing on the Distal Tibiofibular Syndesmosis: A Study Comparing Weight Bearing CT with Conventional CT.” This is the first study to compare syndesmosis in patients who have had both a weight bearing and non-weight bearing CT scan. Mr. Karan Malhotra presented how the researchers found significant differences between the bone positions in the two scans.

The presenters reviewed the award winning findings, as well as a second research paper titled, “Defining Reference Values for the Normal Tibiofibular Syndesmosis in Adults Using Weight Bearing CT.” This study analyzed 100 patients’ feet with a bilateral weight bearing CT scan over 4 years. Using this cohort, the researchers established normal ranges for measurements in cross-sectional syndesmotic anatomy during weight-bearing. Mr. Shelain Patel discussed how the researchers discovered significant differences in anatomy between men and women.

To watch the CurveBeam Academy webinar, please click here.

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