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Why is WBCT an essential modality in an MSK Imaging Suite?

The use of upright CT, also known as weight bearing CT (WBCT), is one of the biggest innovations in orthopedic imaging in the past decade, said Dr. Eric Bogner, MD Chief of the Division of CT at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), said in a video testimonial.

WBCT can improve the assessment of many common lower extremity ailments, such as flat foot deformity, he said.

A benefit of WBCT is a decrease in dose to patients when compared to a standard medical CT. He shared one example in which the dose to the patient on a standard CT was 60 mGy, versus 1.95 on the WBCT scan. The marked elevation in the medical CT was due to the technique employed to evaluate around metal. CurveBeam AI’s default metal reduction settings, meanwhile, allowed for good visualization of osseous bridging around the implant in the example that he shared.

With CurveBeam AI’s HiRise system, clinicians can order an upright CT scan from foot and ankle up to hip and pelvis.

“Although currently we have not employed the evaluation of the pelvis, I look forward to this utilization as I know the decreased dose become very important particularly for the evaluation of the pediatric patient population, for which this is going to be most prominent.”

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