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Dr. Sudheer Reddy Explores the Essential Uses of Weight Bearing CT in Orthopaedics

Weight Bearing CT can help to illuminate the patient’s injury and deformities in a better light. In this video Dr. Sudheer Reddy, MD, foot & ankle orthopaedic surgeon at Shady Grove Orthopaedics discusses the many applications for weight bearing CT (WBCT) in his field. He discusses how it is important to get a weight bearing scan of the body parts that function primarily under load, such as the foot and knee, as these scans offer a clearer understanding of the deformity present.

“[Weight bearing CT] has a wide range of applications and really helps particularly for the foot and ankle where a conventional X-Ray or a non-weight bearing CT scan don’t really fill in all the gaps in terms of understanding and ultimately treating some of the complex deformities that occur,” said Dr. Reddy in the video.

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