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Testimonial: Weight Bearing CT Can Help Pinpoint the Diagnosis

Weight bearing CT (WBCT) imaging has advantages over traditional forms of imaging such as X-Ray or supine CT according to Dr. Sudheer Reddy, a foot & ankle orthopedic surgeon at Shady Grove Orthopedics in Rockville, MD.

“WBCT imaging can help you in terms of getting more information, pinpointing the diagnosis, and then also showing the patient what the actual condition and problem is and how we treat it,” he said in an interview with CurveBeam AI.

Weight bearing CT is exactly what it sounds like, in which the patient is standing while they are being scanned. A cone shaped X-Ray beam rotates around the patient and images the area of interest to make a three-dimensional, high resolution image that surgeons can then use to pinpoint any deformities or fractures in the patients’ bones and/or joints.

“The applications for WBCT are quite broad,” Dr. Reddy explained. “For example, someone who has a cyst in possibly the talus or calcaneus and you’re trying to evaluate exactly what is going on, it not only helps you in terms of planning how to treat the deformity, but how much of a correction is needed when translating a calcaneus when you’re doing an osteotomy.”

Watch the full interview below.

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