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CurveBeam AI Cast: A look into The Benefits of Weight Bearing CT with Dr. Francois Lintz

In recent years, the orthopedics field has been gravitating towards using 3D imaging technologies to foster a deeper understanding of bone structures and alignments. A notable driver of this shift is the application of Weight bearing Computed Tomography (WBCT), which has emerged as a game-changing tool for evaluating hindfoot alignment.

What might the integration of weight bearing CT signify for the future of orthopedic diagnostics and treatment? How might this advancement in imaging technology alter the conventional practices in orthopedics?

In the latest episode of CurveBeam AI Cast hosted by Dr. Lew Schon, MD, a renowned Orthopedic Surgeon, Director of Innovation at Mercy Medical Center and Professor at John Hopkins University and NYU Langone, a conversation unfolds with Dr. Francois Lintz, MD, FEBOT, an esteemed Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Surgeon and outgoing President of the International WBCT Society. The discussion, being the first of a two-part series, delves into the journey of Dr. Lintz in the realm of weight bearing CT and how this technology stands as a milestone in orthopedic imaging.

Highlights from Dr. Schon and Lintz’s first conversation include:

  • The evolution of Dr. Lintz’s interest and work in weight-bearing CT from a project on hindfoot alignment in Bristol, UK, to the development of a 3D biometric system
  • Exploring the pivotal role of weight bearing 3D imaging technologies in advancing orthopedic practices, highlighting its significance in understanding and measuring complex bone alignments
  • Discussing the challenges and prospects in integrating weight-bearing CT technology into the mainstream orthopedic diagnostics and treatment protocols

“This is a technology for everybody and that it comes in place of x-rays and CT, not just CT” Lintz said. “Weight bearing CT is in fact cone beam CT and it’s a 3D x-ray.” WBCT is poised to become an integral part of doctors daily practice, eventually surpassing traditional X-rays, in Dr. Lintz’ opinion.

Dr. Lintz is the outgoing president of the International WBCT Society. His educational journey and relentless pursuit of innovation have positioned him as a revered figure in the orthopedic community. His conversation with Dr. Schon sheds light on the transformative potential of WBCT in orthopedics, laying a path for further exploration and adoption of this groundbreaking technology.

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