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CurveBeam Connect: Preparing for CurveBeam’s Annual User Meeting


Those in the medical field who have heard of or used weight bearing computed tomography (WBCT) should prepare themselves. From October 17 through 19, the first in-person user conference, Weight Bearing CT: New Directions, will be held at the Inn at the Chesapeake Bay in Kent Island, Maryland. WBCT is relatively new modality, but has been validated in multiple peer-reviewed publications and is now moving more mainstream. Vinti Sigh, Director of Marketing at CurveBeam, joined Host Daniel Litwin to provide insight into what the conference will entail.


“As is becomes more of an established technology, now we’re asking questions that are deeper than, ‘Does it work? What can I use it for?’” Singh stated. Now, gray areas include topics such as billing, authorization, utilization, proper referral education, and issues with state and federal requirements, to name a few. “What a lot of our customers maybe don’t get from the podium at scientific conferences is how to translate that into real clinical practice,” Singh stated. The conference will also examine how WBCT is revolutionizing several specialty areas, including sports medicine and pediatric applications.


A networking cocktail reception will occur the first evening of the conference, followed by a full day of sessions. The conference will be split into three categories: Inspirational, which will provide insight into future applications such as custom insole design. The Clinical component will include an in-depth look at billable indications, and the lastcomponent, Operational, will address practical subjects for implementation and utilization.


“With WBCT, you’ve made a major capital investment and you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your system, so this will give you that, while also hopefully creating opportunities to make friends from around the country and maybe even around the globe with the same mission,” Singh summarized. Singh said CurveBeam is currently finalizing the agenda and is looking for speakers. Potential attendees may fill out an online form to express interest in conference participation and receive registration information; that form is located here. Those interested can also email


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