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Dr. John Sigle: Tailor Bunionectomies to the Patient w/ WBCT Imaging

Weight bearing CT imaging is a useful clinical tool in the podiatric setting, especially when it comes to pre-operative planning for hallux valgus.

“Bunions are definitely one of the most common pathologies we see here,” said podiatric surgeon Dr. John Sigle, of the Foot & Ankle Center of Illinois.

Dr. Sigle said bunions are one of his favorite pathologies to treat because patients often feel their feet are unsightly.

“One of the things we have here at the Foot & Ankle Center is a weight bearing CT scanner,” said Dr. Sigle. “That allows us to see what the body’s weight is doing in three dimensions before we make surgical choices. We’re able to tailor our bunionectomies on a case by case basis, depending on the patient’s pathology.”

Dr. Sigle said it is rewarding to provide a cosmetic result in immediate weight bearing. The corrective procedure Dr. Sigle employs allows patients to walk the same day as surgery.

“Most of our patients are able to drive a car the day after surgery,” Dr. Sigle said.

Watch the full video below.

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