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Orthopedic Cone Beam CT: A Primer for Radiologists

Two foot CBCT illustrationIn the past five years, cone beam CT technology has been incorporated into an increasing number of orthopedic clinics and hospital orthopedic departments. When a radiologist reviews a CT volume captured from an orthopedic cone beam CT device, he or she will likely observe that trabecular bony detail is comparable to or even superior to those acquired from a conventional medical CT system.

What a radiologist may not realize is that filters and kernels applied during reconstruction are set to accentuate hard tissue and bone, and are not changeable. Therefore, soft tissue windowing is limited. A radiologist may also not realize that the effective dose of cone beam CT scans is typically significantly lower than a scan of the same body part on the low dose settings of a conventional medical CT.

CurveBeam has put together an introductory primer for radiologists that details the differences between cone beam and traditional CT volumes.

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