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Webinar Highlights: Designing a Mobile Imaging Suite to Serve Multi-Location Practices

In a recent CurveBeam Academy webinar, Turner Dean, COO of CurveBeam Mobile, explored the doors opened by taking weight bearing CT on-the-go.

The largest benefit of CurveBeam Mobile is an obvious one – it allows practices to bring the proven benefits of weight bearing CT to more patients, particularly as healthcare delivery shifts to meet patients where they are.

As Dr. Kevin Ray, DPM, the first CurveBeam Mobile customer, put it, “We’ll move the scanner, not our customer.”

Mobile weight bearing CT imaging brings a variety of benefits, providing advanced imaging that is self-sufficient, accessible, economical and attractive. CurveBeam Mobile’s imaging suites are climate-controlled, secure, and the meet all necessary regulations.

There are a variety of environments that are ideal for success in implementing mobile CT scanning. However, practices with multiple locations are perhaps the best current use case, as “putting it on a truck” can allow for one system to be used across those locations and provide a seamless and affordable entry point to weight-bearing CT.

CurveBeam Mobile is ready to partner with your practice to help navigate the process of adopting weight bearing CT imaging, and choosing a mobile solution can be a marketing, public relations, customer satisfaction and patient outcome “home run” in one comprehensive package.

Click below to watch a condensed version of the webinar.

“Weight-bearing CT is here [to stay], but, when you have multiple locations, it can be pretty imposing to think about placing a new scanner in every location,” Dean said. “We believe that the mobile option, the mobile solutions, is one consideration for you to ease yourself [into weight-bearing CT].”’

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