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First Weight Bearing CT System in Netherlands Is Accepting Patients

Healthcare professionals and patients in the Netherlands now have access to weight bearing CT imaging to assist with diagnosis of foot & ankle conditions.

At T-Scans Services in Almere, patients are scanned on a CurveBeam pedCAT system. The facility is the first in the Netherlands to offer specialists a way to examine bone and joint alignment while the foot is under its full load. Examining the foot under those conditions can lead to better outcomes.

Traditionally,3D scans of the foot could only be taken while the patient is lying down. This positioning can often fail to fully capture the extent of a problem, because the foot can’t be examined when under full load.

“In hospitals, photos and scans are only made of the feet when you are lying down. Then the feet are not loaded, and they are often in a relaxed position,” T-Scans’ Caroline van Heijkamp told Omroep Flevoland. “And you do not see everything. With this 3D scanner, you can better see where ‘the shoe pinches’ when the foot is fully loaded.”

To learn more about how sister company T-Soles Insoles is pioneering personalized corrective insole design with weight bearing CT imaging, listen to this episode of the CurveBeam Connect podcast with van Heijkamp.

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