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Jon-David Deeson Testimonial on pedCAT

During OrthoForum’s Annual Conference in early March, OrthoTennessee CEO Jon-David Deeson discussed his experiences with the pedCAT, our low-dose, in-office bilateral weight- bearing foot and ankle CT scanner. His clinic in eastern Tennessee has been using the pedCAT for just about a year.

[The pedCAT] allows our providers the opportunity to obtain a CT image in-house and get immediate results. It’s a quick scan that takes about the same amount of time as an X-ray,” said Deeson. The pedCAT scans a patient in about one minute.

Deeson’s staff appreciates that the pedCAT “offers CT imaging under true physiological weight-bearing loads.” Plus, Deeson says, the pedCAT is “not only a great diagnostic tool but it’s also great for patient education.” Orthopedists and podiatrists can interpret the images themselves in-house and inform patients of their pain point(s) using CubeVue, our custom visualization software.

The pedCAT’s foot print is about 4′ x 5′, which allows for installation in small spaces. “Ours is in an old X-ray file room with very little buildout required,” he said.

According to Deeson, the CurveBeam staff made it simple to get started. “The implementation and training was easy. The CurveBeam staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. And, they’ve remained available to us for questions that our staff and physicians may have.”

Read more about our sponsorship with OrthoForum and watch the video here. Visit to learn more about the pedCAT.

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