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CurveBeam and StraxCorp Close Merger

<Hatfield, PA – October 20, 2022> Medical imaging companies CurveBeam, LLC and StraxCorp, Ltd., announced today  that on Oct. 12, 2022, they completed the previously announced merger. Under the new name CurveBeam AI, Ltd., the company expands CurveBeam’s financially viable point-of-care imaging solutions into the bone health space, and springboards artificial intelligence (AI) driven applications for weight bearing CT (WBCT) imaging.

CurveBeam is the leader in weight bearing CT imaging and has a global installation base.

“CurveBeam AI will continue to lead innovation in weight bearing CT imaging while also forging new paths in improving patient care,” said CurveBeam AI CEO Greg Brown.

StraxCorp specializes in providing AI and deep learning AI (DLAI) solutions for bone separation, segmentation, and microstructure analysis as a means to aid clinicians in assessing fracture risk.

The companies have been collaborating since 2017. CurveBeam AI will apply the same AI & DLAI solutions to automated orthopedic analyses that will be delivered via CurveBeam AI’s Cloud Services.

“CurveBeam AI is placing priority on research and development of the advancements necessary to make our solutions the standard of care,” said Arun Singh, COO, CTO (CT), and President (Americas & Europe).

CurveBeam AI’s global operations headquarters for product development, quality & regulatory, manufacturing and operations including marketing, sales and customer care will remain in Hatfield PA, USA. CurveBeam AI’s corporate office in Melbourne, VIC, Australia, will cover AI research & development, quality & regulatory (AI) corporate finance, and IP functions. CurveBeam AI, which has 51 employees, is an unlisted public company backed by several major venture funds and is targeting an Initial Public Offering in Q2 2023.

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