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DAF Congress 2022

Date: September 15, 2022

Location: Wiesbaden, Germany

Venue: Dorint Hotel in Wiesbaden

DAF cordially invites you to the 27th DAF Annual Congress from 15.09.2022 to 17.09.2022 in Wiesbaden. The city of Wiesbaden and orthopedics have a long tradition. Before the annual congress of German orthopedists moved to Berlin, Wiesbaden was the annual congress center for orthopedics for many decades. DAF is all the more pleased that their company has also found its way to this traditional city this year. Be inspired by their congress location of short distances according to the motto “meet and great” in their historic state capital. It is particularly important to them to promote collegial dialogue. The guiding theme “From practice for practice” stands for an interesting exchange of experiences.

Lunch Symposium moderated by Prof. Dr. Hazibullah Waizy Schedule:

  1. Prof. Dr. med. H. Waizy
  2. Daniela Edinger
  3. Prof. Dr. med. Walther
  4. PD. Dr. med. K. Klos
  5. Dr. med. Meißner
  6. Prof. Dr. med. K. Daniilidis
  1. Moderation: Begrüßung
  2. Einleitung: Entwicklungsziele von CurveBeam für DVT/WBCT wellweit
  3. DVT/WBCT zur Planung der Korrektur con Fehlstellungen des Rückfußes
  4. DVT/WBCT in der Diagnostik der Syndesmoseninstabilität
  5. DVT/WBCT in der Hallus valgus Therapie
  6. DVT/WBCT der radiologische Problemfuss/ Pseudoarthrosen
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