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Sana Hospital Rummelsberg Adds HiRise WBCT System

Sana Hospital Rummelsberg in Bavaria, Germany initially made headlines in 2013, when it became one of the first orthopedic services in the world to offer weight bearing CT (WBCT) imaging. The CurveBeam pedCAT has become an indispensable tool, as the foot and ankle surgeons have ordered more than 18,000 WBCT scans of the foot & ankle.

In March, 2022, the hospital added a CurveBeam HiRise, which can perform WBCT scans of the entire lower extremities, including hips & pelvis, to its imaging services.

The HiRise “can do even more,” said Prof. Dr. Richard Stangl, Medical Director at Rummelsberg Hospital. “In addition to 3D full leg examinations with the patient standing, hands and elbows can also be examined three-dimensionally. With the HiRise, we can diagnose faster, it emits less radiation, and imaging can be done both with and without stress. The diagnosis by the doctors can start immediately afterwards.”

Dr. Stangl specializes in knee joint preservation.

:“Within the clinics of the Sana Group, we are pioneers when it comes to this,” said Frank Stauch, Managing Director at Rummelsberg Hospital. “We look forward to a new level of diagnostics for our orthopedic patients,”

Read the full press release here.

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