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CurveBeam AI’s AI-Powered Foot & Ankle Measurements Have Good Reliability Compared to Manual Methods

Dr. Prof. Martinus Richter et al published a study in the March 2024 issue of Foot & Ankle Surgery. The team of researchers compared manually measured angles of the bones in the foot & ankle to those performed via an artificial intelligence (AI) platform. Researchers used CubeVue Autometrics, a platform developed by CurveBeam AI, to perform the AI measurements. They did not find differences between the manual and AI-generated measurements, and concluded the AI tool is a validated method.

Autometrics is investigational only and is not available for sale in the United States.

Key Points

  1. 500 WBCT scans were included in validation study.
  2. Pathologies present in the scans included patients with ankle OA, Haglund deformity, hallux rigidus, flat foot, cavus foot, OA (not ankle).
  3. AI measurements were not affected by the presence of metal.
  4. The AI measurement method was 97% faster than the manual method.

Access the full study here.

Watch a demo of Autometrics below

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