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Testimonial: Dr. Lew Schon, MD


Dr. Lew Schon, MD, says the CurveBeam’s HiRise WBCT system provides an extremely detailed 3D image for pre-op and diagnostic purposes.
“All of the studies that have been done with regular WB X-Ray will need to be redone to see how we will need to set up our protocols for treatment,” Dr. Schon said. “We’re really looking forward to this informing how we choose a surgery and then looking at the outcome in a meaningful way.”

Dr. Schon’s top indication for WBCT:
1. Complex forefoot reconstructions
2. Midfoot Charcot collapses
3. Midfoot deformity from injury or subluxation
4. Progressive collapsing hindfoot deformities
5. Cavus foot
6. Pre-Op ankle reconstruction cases

“There’s a lot we can capture in the 3-Dimensional space and the future is bright,” Dr. Schon said. We couldn’t agree more.

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