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Dr. Soomekh: How CT Became My Primary In-Office Modality

Dr. David Soomekh is a board-certified foot and ankle specialist and surgeon and founder of the Foot & Ankle Specialty Group in Beverly Hills, CA. Soomekh specializes in sports medicine and reconstructive foot and ankle surgery.


He’s practiced foot and ankle medicine and surgery for the past 20 years, and his goal is to provide a one-stop-shop for patients from examination to diagnosis to treatment.

To do that, Soomekh relies on a suite of on-site diagnostic imaging equipment that includes extremity CT and ultrasound.

“Everything is all here at the facility, so I can treat patients from A-Z,” Dr. Soomekh said.

Dr. Soomekh said during the COVID-19, he was even sought out by patients because of his comprehensive service offering.

“Patients are fearful of having to go to multiple places to have the various steps of the diagnosis process performed,” Sommekh said. “In my office, a patient is only coming for a foot and ankle issue. You’re not going to have a sick patient here waiting to get an MRI or a CT.”

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