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CurveBeam Connect: Radiology and Weight Bearing CT Imaging

In the lead-up to CurveBeam’s Annual User Meeting, initially planned for mid-October, 2022, CurveBeam Connect sat down with featured speaker Dr. Tom Turmezei, Ph.D., a consultant MSK Radiologist at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, UK. He joined host Vinti Singh to preview some of the great content he planned to share. (Note: The CurveBeam User Meeting has been postponed to Spring 2023.)

Dr. Turmezei is a founding member of the Computed Tomography in Osteoarthritis (OCTA) Research group.

He also serves as Radiology Representative on the Board for International Weight-Bearing CT Society.

Dr. Turmezei recently returned from Tokyo, where he presented his research at the 16th International Workshop on Osteoarthritis Imaging.

“What has been absolutely pleasing to see is weight bearing CT is forming a much larger part of the agenda,” Dr. Turmezei said.

Traditionally, MRI dominated radiology-led conversations at these types of meetings, but radiologists are beginning to embrace where CT and WBCT can provide unique insights, Dr. Turmezei said.

Dr. Turmezei’s own research has been focused on predictors for hip osteoarthritis, and CT has been helpful on identifying morphology characteristics that could point to who may need a hip replacement in the future.

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