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First Knee Replacement Surgery Planned with Weight Bearing CT Imaging Successfully Completed

HATFIELD, Penn. – March 19, 2024 – CurveBeam AI, Ltd., the leader in weight bearing CT imaging, and restor3D, Inc, a leader in patient-specific musculoskeletal implants, announced that Dr. Canaan Prater, DO, successfully completed the first personalized knee replacement procedure that was planned from weight bearing CT (WBCT) imaging.

Dr. Prater, an orthopedic surgeon at OrthoCarolina in Charlotte, NC, submitted a CT dataset acquired from a CurveBeam AI HiRise(TM) weight bearing CT system for the Imprint™ Total Knee Replacement system.

Knee alignment, and how the body distributes weight through a joint, varies by patient. The HiRise scans patients while they are standing in a natural, weight bearing position. This allows surgeons to assess bone and joint deformities with better accuracy1.

restor3d engineers used advanced AI to segment and analyze the WBCT scan to build a personalized surgical plan with patient-specific cutting guides, allowing for improved implant fit and accurate placement during surgery.

OrthoCarolina offers WBCT imaging services in its clinics. Dr. Prater said having the services on-site makes it easier for his staff to schedule the imaging study for patients, and thereby decreases the turnaround time for him to get personalized implant solutions from restor3d. Patients’ out-of-pocket expense for a CT scan at OrthoCarolina is significantly lower than it would be for the same service at a local hospital, he added.

The HiRse is the only WBCT system that can scan the entire leg while the patient stands on an open platform.

“The scan itself is less claustrophobic, and a more pleasant process overall for the patient,’ Dr. Prater said.” Because the patient is weight bearing, I feel more confident in the hip knee alignment. This is a tool that enables us to give patients personalized implants that I am hopeful will pay off with long term reliability and higher satisfaction rates.”

Dr. Canaan Prater will present a webinar on Wednesday, May 1 at 9 p.m. EST on using WBCT for surgical planning. Sign up here.

restor3d offers a range of personalization from implants and cut guides designed for each patient to pre-operative surgical planning. This allows Dr. Prater to go into the operating room with confidence, he said. restor3d solutions also cut down surgical turnover time2 and reduces the total number of reusable instrument trays needed3.

The HiRise received FDA 510(k) clearance in November, 2020.

“CurveBeam AI has reached another milestone with the first knee replacement successfully planned on a HiRise WBCT scan,” said Arun Singh, CurveBeam AI COO, CTO-CT, & President – Americas & Europe. “WBCT has been a game changer in foot & ankle orthopedic medicine, and we look ahead to transformational advances in patient knee care enabled by this technology.”

About restor3d

restor3d is a world leader in patient specific musculoskeletal implants and driven by the belief that every patient deserves personalized care. The company holds proprietary expertise in 3D printing of osseointegrative materials, AI-based planning and design automation tools, and digital health solutions to provide seamless data-backed care to optimize individual patient outcomes. Alongside its customers, restor3d is reimagining the musculoskeletal reconstruction landscape. More information is available at

About CurveBeam AI

CurveBeam AI (ASX:CVB) develops, manufactures and sells specialised medical imaging (CT) scanners, coupled with AI SaaS-based clinical assessment solutions, to support medical practitioners in the management of musculoskeletal conditions. The Company’s flagship CT scanner, HiRise™, performs weight bearing CT scans as well as traditional non weight bearing CT scans, providing a range of advantages over the use of traditional CT or MRI devices. CurveBeam AI has more than 70 employees with its  corporate office, AI and IP functions located in Melbourne, VIC, Australia and global operations headquarters in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, USA.


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(2) Sinha, Raj K. “The Use of Customized TKA Implants for Increased Efficiency in the OR.” Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine 5.4 (2012): 296–302.

 (3) MK-03911, Economic and Clinical Advantages

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